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About the Libraries

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Bulletin Board Policy

We provide bulletin boards at the entrance and exit of Waterfield and Pogue LIbraries. Bulletin board postings must be Murray State-related, have permission from the relevant library, and must adhere to MSU Student Life Policy Statement on Intolerance. You are limited to two flyers in Waterfield and one flyer in Pogue. We do not endorse or support these postings.

  • Materials may not be posted or left elsewhere in any library building without permission of the Dean's Office.
  • Materials must be stamped and dated at the Information Desk prior to posting. If not, they will be removed. 
  • Materials must be academic in nature, or involve a registered student organization. We do not allow advertisements for commercial purposes or events not related to the university.  
  • No more than one posting per bulletin board.
  • We will remove posted materials from the boards after one month (or sooner if outdated).
  • We will remove all posted materials at the end of each semester.