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CARMA, the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis, is an interdisciplinary consortium devoted to helping faculty, graduate students and professionals learn of current developments in various areas of research methods and statistic

Program Description

The CARMA Research Methods Education Program is based on a series of four modules linked to existing programs and events. The total time requirement to complete the program is designed to be roughly equivalent to typical expectations for a three-course minor in a research university within the United States. Participation in the RMEP Program is free of charge for those affiliated with member organizations and there is no time limit for completing the program, although there is a 1-year recommended track and a calendar outline for this track. Modules will be comprised of different types of CARMA events, including current and past webcast recordings and short courses. Each component of each module will include a reference list of widely available readings, learning objectives, and an on-line assessment experience.