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COM 161

This guide will help students in COM 161 get started with research.

MSU Public Speaking Anxiety Website

On the Public Speaking Anxiety (PSA) Management website you can: 

  • Read about public speaking anxiety (as if you didn’t already know enough about it, right?). 
  • Complete one of the online quizzes to measure your level of public speaking anxiety. You might be surprised to discover your score, even a high one, isn’t all that unusual. 
  • Practice one or more of the anxiety management strategies. Every single one of them is supported by scientific research. 
  • Watch a video about stage fright and master a 2-minute technique that’s designed boost your confidence and decrease your stress.
  • Read about famous people who are (or were) afraid to give a speech. Yes, they’re famous and rich and probably have trainers and all that, but they’re still people who put their pants on one leg at a time and have the same fears and anxieties that the rest of us do. Read their stories; feel better about yourself. Misery loves company, right? 
  • Discover what other, former glossophobes, have to say about how they learned to manage their anxiety, walk up to a podium, and successfully deliver a speech. If others can do it, you can, too!