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Reserving a Library Space or Display Area

Information regarding how to reserve a classroom, event space, or display area in Waterfield Library.


The library classroom (Room 210) can be reserved for formally scheduled classes, training sessions, workshops, and meetings. It is not to be used as a group study room. Unsupervised students should not be left in the classroom.

Group Reservation Priority falls in this rank order:

  1. Library Faculty/Staff
  2. Campus Faculty
  3. Campus Affiliated Groups

Note:  The library classroom is not configured for Zoom classes or meetings. Please make other arrangements if you need to use Zoom as a part of your class or meeting. 

Scheduling a Classroom

The classroom is available for use Monday-Friday, between the hours of 8:00am and closing, if not previously reserved for Library classes or personnel. Weekend hours must be individually worked out with the library to ensure that library staff/faculty are present at the time. The rooms are locked when not in use. Please ask Information Desk staff to unlock the room for your group, if necessary.

Faculty: at least one week before use, contact the Reference Administrative Assistant to reserve the classroom.

Student groups and organizations: at least 72 hours before use, contact the Reference Administrative Assistant to reserve the classroom. The Faculty Advisor for the organization must be present the entire time the room is in use.

Phone: 270-809-4816
Monday-Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm


You are responsible for leaving the classroom in good condition. All seats should be returned to their original arrangement, and all laptops should be left on the top of the cart. All trash must be placed in the appropriate containers. Any damage to the chairs, laptop arms, laptops, or other equipment is YOUR responsibility.

Because the library accommodates classes and groups from across campus, there are occasional problems with timing. If your session ends very close to the beginning of another session, you may be asked to consider shortening your session to provide that group time to set up.

When finished:

  1. Ensure that all the laptops have been SHUT DOWN and stacked on top of the storage cabinet.
  2. Close all windows.
  3. Turn off projector.
  4. Turn off lights.
  5. Close door.
  6. Notify the Reference Administrative Assistant or Information Desk staff when your meeting is over.

University Libraries reserves the right to deny future use of the classroom if these rules are not followed.


The classroom contains approximately 20 laptop computers, 20 chair-desk modules, and an instructor workstation with a dual monitor computer with projection for presentations. Max capacity for the room should not exceed 20 individuals with 1 instructor/meeting leader.

The technology in the classroom is used by multiple individuals throughout the day. If you plan on using the technology in the classroom, please arrive early to make sure that if works as you anticipate.

We are unable to support technical issues in the classrooms after 4 pm, and when our Systems faculty/staff are not available. If this is not satisfactory, please consider booking another location for your meeting.


Missing laptops must be replaced. You or your group are responsible for this cost if it is determined that equipment went missing during your use of the room.