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Donation Box Policies

University Libraries' policies regarding the placement of donation boxes in Waterfield library by Murray State-affiliated groups.

Donation Box Policies

Registered student organizations in good standing or college departments affiliated with Murray State University may use Waterfield library space to request donations of physical items subject to the following conditions:

  1. All donation boxes must be approved by the University Libraries Dean’s office. Organizations/departments must request donation or collection box space at least one week in advance of the proposed display date.

  2. Donations must be collected for philanthropies/charities only. 

  3. Currency and perishable items CANNOT be collected in donation boxes.

  4. Library staff will advise as to the exact location of the box. The box must stay in that location and cannot be moved. 

  5. Only one department/organization may have a donation or collection box in the library at any given time.

  6. Groups may display donation boxes for a maximum of 3 weeks. Groups are restricted to a maximum of one box per semester. 

  7. Organizations/departments hosting donation/collection drives are responsible for providing their own donation boxes. Bins and boxes should be clean and not broken or ripped. 

  8. The donation box must be appropriate and professional in appearance and to be decorated to not look like a cardboard box. Box size should be no larger than 3’ x 3’ x 3’ and commensurate with the items to be collected. 

  9. Boxes must be clearly labeled (typed, not handwritten) with information regarding:

    1. What items are being collected

    2. What department/organization is sponsoring the donation box

    3. What/who is benefitting from the donations

    4. Contact information for the group in case there are any questions

    5. Dates of the donation drive

  10. University Libraries reserves the right to alter any labeling if necessary. 

  11. The organization will monitor the box daily and remove items as needed so the box does not overflow, become unsightly, or obstruct one’s movement through the space. If the box does begin overflowing, library staff will remove the box

  12. University Libraries is not responsible for lost, missing, damaged, or stolen items.

  13. Any organization that sets up a donation box without prior approval will have their donation box discarded and will be denied future donation box requests. Any donation box that is not collected at the end of the approved term may be discarded.