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This research guide is designed to help finance students with research.

Finding Financial Ratios

Mergent allows you to create a specific list of competitors and generate a report comparing them.

  • Open Mergent.
  • Type your company name into the search box, and select your company from the auto-complete list. Hit search.
  • Find the tab that says Competitors. It should be near the end of the row.
  • You can accept the competitors listed, or add additional ones. Once you have the list you want, go to Add all to Company Analysis List on the far right. A menu will pop up, and you will need to click on the top option, Company Analysis List. 
  • This opens the My Mergent Tools screen. The graphic below shows you what to do next on this screen.

Open your report, which will be divided by each company in your list. Ratios are near the end of each company's information.

Need more help? This video link explains how to find them by choosing your competitors.