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International Student Information

A guide to assist International students at Murray State.

How to Print at Waterfield Library

You can print from the computers in Waterfield Library.

Black and White Printouts are $.10 per page.

Color Printouts are $.30 per page.

The Printers are located behind the Information Desk just before you enter the Reference Room.

To Print Using the Computers in Waterfield Library:

1. Bring the document or item you would like to print up on your computer screen.

2. Go to "File" in MicroSoft Word or to the print icon on the website.

3. Press Print.

4. Select Waterfield B & W for black and white printouts. Select Waterfield Color for color printouts.

5. It will ask you for a username and password, this can be anything. This is so when you go to the printer computer, you will recognize your item and only you will be able to print it out.

6. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR DOCUMENT OR SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE  PRINTED. There are occasional problems with printers and documents have been lost. Do not close your document on the computer until you are holding your printout in your hand.

7. Items will not save to the printer computers. They delete after 30 minutes.

8. If you need help with printing, please ask the librarian at the Information Desk. They will help you.

9. You can print from your own laptop following these directions: Wireless Printing


The computers in Waterfield Library reset to the factory settings once they are logged off or shut down for any reason.


Always carry a flash drive and save to it often so that you do not lose your work! If you need a flash drive you can buy one at the Circulation Desk in Waterfield Library.

How to Set / Reset Passwords

Most Murray State Passwords need to be reset every term.