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Solicitation Policies

Policies regarding solicitation for contributions, signatures, merchandise, or other materials (in-person or online).

Solicitation Policies

The Murray State University Libraries strive to both protect the safety of library users and to ensure that all users can freely access and quietly enjoy the library’s services. Free and unimpeded access to the library building and webpages is a necessary precondition for meeting this obligation.

Solicitation in Library Spaces

Active solicitation within any library building and the areas of egress to the libraries and the library parking lot is not permitted unless it is a library function. Active solicitation refers to any person-to-person communication for the purposes of (1) obtaining contributions and donations, (2) selling merchandise, coupons, or tickets, (3) collecting signatures, (4) distributing educational or promotional materials, (5) recruiting members or clients and (6) financial solicitations/transactions.

Passive solicitations for registered student organizations or other Murray State-affiliated entities is allowed, with permission from the Dean of Libraries. Examples of this might include a school supply drive or book drive for a charitable organization.  

Signs and banners, including lawn signs are prohibited on library property unless it is for a library function or an educational activity directly affiliated with Murray State University. All other signs/flyers/etc. will be removed. 

Solicitation for Adding Resources to Our Website

The Murray State University Libraries does not accept solicitations (via email or other means) of resources to be added to our LibGuides or other websites. Our LibGuides are collated resources that use faculty recommendations and reviews from reputable resources and other library communities. Any solicitations for additions to our LibGuides will be ignored; persistent contact from vendors or others trying to promote links to be added will be blocked.