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MS00-01 Frank H. Vittetow Papers

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Frank H. Vittetow Papers

Collection Title: Frank H. Vittetow Papers

Series Number: MS00-01

Processed and Cataloged by: No information on original processor.

Date Listed: July 13, 2010

Date Span: 1958-1966

Size of Collection: 2.0 linear feet.

Number of Boxes: 4 legal size document cases.

Type of Material: Correspondence, booklets, photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings and government reports.

Condition of Material: Good.

Arrangement: Organized by subject of material; Chronological arrangement.

Biographical / Historical Information: Francis H. Vittetow served as the Elementary-Secondary Education Advisor to the Philippines during the late 1950s and early 1960s and in Laos during the mid 1960s. From 1958 to 1962, he visited and evaluated schools and teacher instruction facilities in the Philippines for the United States Operations Mission. In 1965 and 1966, Vittetow examined teacher education programs, curricula and instructional materials in Laos for the United States Agency for International Development.

Scope and Content: Collection consists of correspondence, reports, studies and published information produced or acquired by Frank H. Vittetow on education reform in the Philippines during the late 1950s and early 1960s and Laos during the mid 1960s. The papers contain government correspondence and reports from the United States, the Republic of the Philippines and the Kingdom of Laos relating to the supervision and management of schools and teacher education. Included with the papers are photographs of schools and institutional administrators in both the Philippines and Laos.

Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Vittetow, Francis H.

Education – Laos.

Education – Philippines.

Education – Teacher training – Philippines.

Education – Teacher training – Laos.

Box List

Box 1

  1. Philippines 1
  2. Philippines 2
  3. Philippines 3
  4. Philippines 4
  5. Philippines Booklets in Educational Series 5
  6. Philippines Photos of various educational subjects 6
  7. Philippines Photos of various educational subjects 7
  8. Philippines 8

Box 2

  1. Philippines 1 “Operation School Lift” (Philippines)
  2. Philippines 2 Monographs and Reports (Philippines)
  3. Philippines 3 A Secondary Education Review (Philippines)
  4. Philippines 4 General Discussions on Philippine Education
  5. Philippines 5 General Discussions on Philippine Education
  6. Philippines 6 Vittetow Discussions USOM Employee Association (Philippines)
  7. Philippines 7 Participant Training Program (Philippines)
  8. Philippines 8 Booklets in Educational Series
  9. Philippines 9 Booklets in Educational Series

Box 3

  1. Laos 1 Teacher Training in Laos End-Of-Tour Report (1966) Laos
  2. Laos 2 Operational Summary for Textbook Project Prior to Vittetow Leaving Laos
  3. Laos 3 Secondary Education (Laos)
  4. Laos 4 Textbook Project Reporting (Laos)
  5. Laos 5 Pictures of Various Educational Activities in Laos
  6. Laos 6 Some Responses to Work on Textbook Development (Laos)
  7. Laos 7 United States Offer to Develop, Write, Print Textbooks in Kingdom of Laos
  8. General Information on: Elementary School Programs (Laos) Elementary School Stats (Laos) Review of Education in Laos
  9. Laos 9 Child Growth and Development Study in Laos
  10. Laos 10 American School Association (Laos) American School Board (Laos)

Box 4

  1. Photos of conditions that existed in Laos before the U.S. Gov’t, thru its Agency for International Development (AID) began the textbook writing and publications project
  2. Laos Lao Wall Charts Volume, Cubes, Angles
  3. KY In-Service Teacher Training Programs
  4. Ky State Dept. of Education Kentucky State Department of Education Federal Programs- General Discussions
  5. Morehead Univ. In-Service Kentucky’s In-Service Teacher Training Programs
  6. John Hopkins University John Hopkins University’s School for Advanced International Studies