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MS11-03 Buff Cobb Scrapbook

Buff Cobb Scrapbook

Collection Title: Buff Cobb Scrapbook

Series Number: MS11-03

Processed and Cataloged by: Processed by Dieter C. Ullrich on November 16, 2010.

Date Listed: November 16, 2010

Date Span: 1911-1916

Size of Collection: 1.5 linear feet.

Number of Boxes: 1 oversized box.

Type of Material: Scrapbook.

Condition of Material: Good.

Arrangement: Chronological arrangement.

Biographical / Historical Information: Patrizia Cobb Martin, better known by her stage name of Buff Cobb, was born on October 19, 1927 in Florence, Italy to playwright Elizabeth Cobb and opera singer Frank Chapman. She was the granddaughter of writer and humorist Irvin S. Cobb. She was a radio performer, television personality, film actress and Broadway producer from 1946 to 1998. She is best remembered as co-starring on the daily talk and interview show The Mike and Buff Show with her husband Mike Wallace from 1951 to 1956. She was also a regular panelist on the show Masquerade Party from 1953 to 1955. In 1963, she received a Tony nomination for the play “Too True to Be Good”. During the 1970s she produced several Broadway shows including “Never Live Over a Pretzel Factory” and “A Frog He Would a Wooing Go”. During the 1990s, Cobb produced television shows including The Regis Philbin Show and Barney Girard. She passed away at Lebanon, New Hampshire on July 12, 2010.

Scope and Content: Collection consists of photocopied articles of the “Old Judge Priest” series written by Irvin S. Cobb and published in the Saturday Evening Post from October of 1911 to April of 1916. The articles were assembled into a bound album to promote and sell a “Judge Priest” series for television during the 1980s. Included with the scrapbook are obituaries from various media publications on Buff Cobb.

Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Martin, Patrizia Cobb, 1927-2010<

Cobb, Irvin S. (Irvin Shrewbury), 1876-1944

Short stories, American.

Collection Inventory for MS11-03

Inventory of Collection
MS 03-01
Buff Cobb Scrapbook
By Dieter C. Ullrich
November 17, 2010
Title and date of Irvin S. Cobb’s “Old Judge Priest” series published in the Saturday Evening Post from 1911 to 1916.
Box 1
  1. Words and Music, August 28, 1911
  2. A Judgment Come to Daniel, November 11, 1911
  3. The Country Trot, December 9, 1911
  4. The Mob from Massac, February 10, 1912
  5. Stratagem and Spoils, April 6, 1912
  6. Ermine and Motley, April 27, 1912
  7. When the Fighting was Good, June 15, 1912
  8. A Dogged Under Dog, August 3, 1912
  9. Black and White, September 7, 1912
  10. Five Hundred Dollars Reward, October 19, 1912
  11. The Island of Adventure (1), January 11, 1913
  12. The Island of Adventure (2), March 13, 1913
  13. Sergeant Jimmy Bagby’s Fleet, October 4, 1913
  14. To the Editor of the Sun, October 25, 1913
  15. Judge Priest Comes Back, August 7, 1915
  16. A Blending of Parables, August 28, 1915
  17. The Lord Provides, October 9, 1915
  18. Last Charge of Forrest’s Cavalry, November 13, 1915
  19. According to the Code, January 15, 1916
  20. A Chapter for the Life of an Ant, March 11, 1916
  21. Double Barreled Justice, April 8, 1916
  22. Obituaries on Buff Cobb