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MS11-07 E. A. Paine Court Martial Papers

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E. A. Paine Court Martial Papers

Collection Title: E. A. Paine Court Martial Papers

Series Number: MS11-07

Processed and Cataloged by: Processed by Dieter C. Ullrich on May 5, 2011.

Date Listed: May 5, 2011

Date Span: 1864-1865

Size of Collection: 0.75 linear feet.

Number of Boxes: 1 legal size document case and 1 legal half size document case.

Type of Material: Legal documents.

Condition of Material: Good.

Arrangement: Organized by alphabetically by surname of witness; Chronological arrangement.

Biographical / Historical Information: General Eleazer Arthur Paine was the Union commander of the District of Western Kentucky at Paducah, Kentucky from July 19, 1864 to September 12, 1864. His brief term as district commander was recalled by some Paducah residents, and later historians, as a Paine’s “reign of terror”. In February and March of 1865, Paine appeared before a military court on 25 charges of abusing the power of his office, corruption, extortion and oppressing the citizens of his district while under military law. He was acquitted of all charges except one, that being he “denounced his superior officer” in public.

Scope and Content: Collection consists of photocopied records of the Court Martial of General Eleazer A. Paine at Paducah, Kentucky in February and March of 1865. The collection consists of military orders, witness testimonies and affidavits, evidence, charges, trial transcripts and miscellaneous legal documents related to the trail’s proceedings. Included with the records is a list of men that worked on the fortifications at Mayfield, Kentucky, a list of recruits for Company F of the 122nd Illinois Infantry and Company F of the 129th Illinois Infantry and accounting records kept by United States Army Provost Marshal stationed at Paducah.

Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Paine, E. A. (Eleazer A.), 1815-1882.

Paducah (Ky.) – History.

Mayfield (Ky.) – History.

Kentucky – History – Civil War, 1861-1865.

United States. Army. Court-martial (Paine : 1864)

Courts-martial and courts of inquiry – United States.

United States. Army. Illinois Infantry Regiment, 129th (1862-1865)

United States. Army. Illinois Infantry Regiment, 122nd (1861-1865)

Additional Sources: See Letters received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main Series), 1861-1870. Papers relating to the investigation of alleged frauds committed in the western Kentucky district, while it was under the command of Brig. Gen. Eleazer A. Paine, 1864 (MF435).

Research Notes: Collection was purchased by Murray State University Libraries from the National Archives Records Administration on March 9, 2011. The files were part of Record Group 153: Records of the Judge Advocate General’s Office (Army), Entry 15: Court Martial Case Files, 1809-1894, File no. MM-1609, Boxes 1032-1033.

Box List

Box 1 (labeled box 1 of 2, larger document box)

  1. Acker, Peter Claim against Federal Government
  2. Anderson, G.W. Letter to General Burbridge
  3. Anderson, Lucien Affidavit
  4. Bacon, R.A. and Arnold, A.S. Affidavit
  5. Murray State University Archives Paine’s Court Martial Papers Bank Cashiers of Paducah Response to Paine’s Management of Banks
  6. Murray State University Archives Paine’s Court Martial Papers Bartling, Henry Charges
  7. Blount, W.G. Accounts at Mayfield
  8. Bradley, L.T. Affidavit
  9. Carman, Thomas Claim against Federal Government
  10. Collins, Davis and Sturgeon, Thomas L. Affadavit
  11. Collins, Joshua W. and Hammack, John W. Affidavit
  12. Commercial Bank of Kentucky [James L. Dallam Affidavit] Possession of Bank as Post Headquarters
  13. Cope, S.P. Affidavit
  14. Conn, D.O. Affidavit
  15. Craddock, J.J. Letter
  16. Cunningham, R.D. Affidavit
  17. Davis, Ila M. and Omer, Allen Affidavit
  18. Davis, John F. Affidavit
  19. Dodds, John A. Affidavit
  20. Dunn, William M. Partial Letter
  21. Grant, H.B. Letter Supporting Military Commissions Report
  22. Greathouse, Catherine R. Letter to General Burbridge
  23. Handlin, J.T. List of Assessment Collections for Smithland, Kentucky
  24. Jones, A.S. Affidavit
  25. Jones, E.B. Clothing store seized and closed
  26. Kane, James H. [James H. Kerne] Affidavit
  27. Kibby, W.H.- James, D.C.- Thompson, A.J.M.- Talbott, L.L. Affidavits
  28. Lawrence, William Hudson Affidavit
  29. Luxton, Edward D.
  30. Maurous, Mrs. E.A. Affidavit
  31. McChesney, W.W. Correspondence
  32. Milam, M.G. Letter referring to arrest
  33. Moss, J.D. Affidavit
  34. M. Mundy
  35. Norton Brothers Bankers Affidavit
  36. Paine, E.A. Correspondence
  37. Pierson, W.S. Affidavit
  38. Prince and Dodd Grocery Store
  39. Puryear, T.J. Affidavit
  40. Rabb, G.F. Statement on J.E. Woodward Check
  41. Ray, Joseph Affidavit
  42. Seaton, John L. Affidavit
  43. Shaw, Judson B. Letter
  44. Sinclair, Charles E. Affidavit
  45. Stroade, W.W. Statement
  46. Tice, W.W. Statement on W.W. McChesney
  47. Tucker, W.P. and Pierson, James T. Affidavits
  48. Bill of Merchandise Issued by Paine
  49. Yeiser, G.O. Affidavit
  50. Charges against Henry W. Barry
  51. Charges against James. N. McArthur
  52. Charges against E.A. Paine
  53. Explanations of E.A. Paine
  54. Final Report of Judge Adjutant General Joseph Holt
  55. Executions at Paducah
  56. Murray State University Archives Paine Court Martial Records Findings of the Court
  57. Index to the Record of the Trial
  58. List of Men Working on Fortifications at Mayfield
  59. List of Recruits for Co. F, 122nd Illinois Infantry Volunteers
  60. List of Recruits of Co. F, 129th Illinois Infantry Volunteers
  61. Orders of E.A. Paine
  62. Orders and Accounts for Relief Fund
  63. Relief Fund Account
  64. Report of Commission
  65. Statement of Monies Collected at Mayfield
  66. Senate Resolution to Transmit Evidence Taken by Military Commission
  67. Testimony of Witnesses
  68. Trial Proceedings
  69. Report to President Lincoln
  70. Loose Papers
  71. Unrelated Documents

Box 2 (labeled box 1 of 2, smaller document box)

  1. Court Transcripts- pages 1-50
  2. Court Transcripts- pages 51-100
  3. Court Transcripts- pages 101-150
  4. Court Transcripts- pages 151-200
  5. Court Transcripts- pages 201-250
  6. Court Transcripts- pages 251-300
  7. Court Transcripts- pages 301-350
  8. Court Transcripts- pages 376-426
  9. Court Transcripts- pages 427-477
  10. Court Transcripts- pages 478-487