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MS82-01 Judith Ann Maupin Papers

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Judith Ann Maupin Papers

Collection Title: Judith Ann Maupin Papers

Series Number: MS82-01

Processed and Cataloged by: No original processing information recorded. Reprocessed by Dieter C. Ullrich.

Date Listed: April 6, 2010

Date Span: 1973-1982

Size of Collection: 0.25 linear feet.

Number of Boxes: 1 legal half size document case.

Type of Material: Records.

Condition of Material: Good.

Arrangement: Organized in alphabetical order by name of cemetery.

Biographical / Historical Information: Judith Ann Maupin was a local historian, newspaper columnist and genealogist from Calloway County, Kentucky. She wrote a weekly column on regional history in the Murray Ledger & Times and authored several books on family history and forgotten cemeteries in southwestern Kentucky.

Scope and Content: Collection consists of typescript lists and maps of cemeteries removed during the Kentucky Lake Cemetery Relocation Project by the Tennessee Valley Authority from 1939 to 1943. The papers contain photocopies of cemetery removal forms created by the Tennessee Valley Authority which include name of deceased, relative contacted, disposition desired and the contractor who reinterred the body. The collection also includes newspaper clippings of her column “Echoes from the Past” from 1978 to 1982.

Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Maupin, Judith Ann, 1937-1982

Tennessee Valley Authority

Kentucky Lake Cemetery Relocation Project

Cemeteries – Kentucky – Land Between the Lakes (Ky. and Tenn.)

Land Between the Lakes (Ky. and Tenn.) – Genealogy.

Jackson Purchase (Ky.) – History.

Additional Sources: See The Kentucky Lake Cemetery Relocation Project by Judith Ann Maupin.

Box List:

  1. General Information-Kentucky Lake Cemetery Relocation Project
  2. Cemeteries A-C
  3. Cemeteries D-M
  4. Cemeteries N-Z
  5. Cemeteries- Loose Papers
  6. Cemeteries- TVA- Grave Listings A-G
  7. TVA- Grave Listings H-M
  8. TVA- Grave Listings N-Z
  9. Newspaper Clippings- “Echoes from the Past” 1978-1982