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OH026 H. T. Waldrop Oral History

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H. T. Waldrop Oral History

Collection Title: Jackson Purchase Oral History Project - World War I

Series Number: OH026

Interviewee: Waldrop, H. T., 1893-

Interviewers: Kathryn Pasco and Melinda Wigginton

Dates interviewed: October 20, 1979 and May 1, 1983

Processed by: Sheree Wise

Date processed: February 9, 2010

Description: 2 sound discs (1 hour, 7 minutes)

Abstract: H. T. Waldrop discusses his duties in the United States Navy during World War I. He served for two years and was in charge of managing a naval recreation center at Covington Point in Newport, Rhode Island. When he returned from the war he held many jobs including postmaster and oil well driller.

Biographical / Historical note: H. T. Waldrop was a resident of Murray, Kentucky . He served in the United States Navy for two years during the war but never saw overseas duty. He served at Newport, Rhode Island.

General information: No user access to original recordings. Use audio user copies, digital derivatives, transcripts, and/or tape indexes. This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). Permission for reproduction must be requested from Murray State University

Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Murray, Kentucky

Calloway County, Kentucky

Covington Point, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island

Research Notes: Two separate interviews conducted on different dates. Abstract and index included with oral history.