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OH064 Nancy Nance Oral HIstory

Nancy Nance Oral History

Collection Title: West Kentucky History and Culture – Land Between the Lakes Series

Series Number: OH064

Interviewee: Nance, Nancy, 1899-

Interviewer: Margaret Hopkins

Date interviewed: September 16, 1976

Processed by: Sheree Wise

Date processed: April 9, 2010

Description: 2 compact discs and 2 cassette tapes; identical recordings (1 hour, 14 minutes)

Abstract: Nancy Nance discusses the various customs, activities and attitudes that marked the family life of a young woman in the Land Between the Lakes region of Tennessee. Her recollections include comments on courting practices, quilting, church events and various home remedies. She delineates what chores were expected of women, as well as which events and entertainment programs were specifically for women. She also discusses gardening practices, weaving, candle making and other crafts learned from earlier generations of her family.

Biographical / Historical note: Nancy Nance was born at Standing Rock in Stewart County, Tennessee on October 19, 1899. She attended the Mulberry Hill School near Kentucky Lake. She married and relocated near Fort Henry, Tennessee in 1922 where her husband owned and operated a farmed.

General information: No user access to original recordings. Use audio user copies, digital derivatives, transcripts, and/or tape indexes. This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). Permission for reproduction must be requested from Murray State University.

Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Nance, Nancy, 1899-

Land Between the Lakes (Ky. and Tenn.) – History.

Stewart County (Tenn.) – History.

Fort Henry (Tenn.)

Standing Rock (Tenn.)

Farm life – Kentucky – Stewart County.

Rural women – Kentucky – Social conditions.

Research Notes: Abstract and index included with oral history.