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OH075 Geneva S. Whitford Oral History

Geneva S. Whitford Oral History

Collection Title: West Kentucky History and Culture – Land Between the Lakes Series

Series Number: OH075

Interviewee: Whitford, Geneva S., 1918-

Interviewer: Margaret Hopkins

Date interviewed: November 15, 1976

Processed by: Sheree Wise

Date processed: May 10, 2010

Description: 1 cassette tape, (60 minutes)

Abstract: Geneva S. Whitford recalls some of the amusing incidents of her childhood, as well as her educational background. She describes her high school boarding experiences, discusses of her father's final teaching position and how he was threatened by several students. She comments on administrative and employment policies at educational institutions in Stewart County, Tennessee and race relations in District No. 8 during the era of segregation. She also mentions details on the murder of Grady and Ruphine Cherry on August 15, 1943.

Biographical / Historical note: Geneva S. Whitford was born on January 1, 1918 in Stewart County, Tennessee. Her father both owned and operated the Snyder community general store, named after his father S. J. Spiceland. She entered high school at the age of 11 and graduated at the age of 15. In 1933, she enrolled at Murray State College, where she studied for a year before financial difficulties caused her to return home. In January of 1935, she entered Austin Peay Normal school where she completed her second year of studies and received a teaching certificate.

General information: No user access to original recordings. Use audio user copies, digital derivatives, transcripts, and/or tape indexes. This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). Permission for reproduction must be requested from Murray State University.

Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Whitford, Geneva S., 1918-

Land Between the Lakes (Ky. and Tenn.) – History.

Stewart County (Tenn.) – History.

Teachers – Tennessee – Stewart County.

Education, Rural – Tennessee – Stewart County.

General stores – Tennessee – Stewart County.

Stewart County (Tenn.) – Race relations.

Research Notes: Abstract and index included with oral history.