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OH174c Lon Carter Barton Oral History

Lon Carter Barton Oral History (Session 4)

Collection Title: Jackson Purchase Oral History Project – Politics and Government

Series Number: OH174 (Session 4)

Interviewee: Barton, Lon Carter

Interviewer: Saundra Hoover and Burt Folsom

Date interviewed: November 15, 1979; March 29, 1993; April 9, 1933; and April 21, 1933

Processed by: Processed by Benjamin J. Drake in April and May 2012.

Date processed: May 22, 2012

Description: 2 sound discs (1 hour 2 minutes)

Abstract: Lon Carter Barton discusses how the various New Deal Projects of the 1930s impacted Graves County, Kentucky. He describes voter turnout for Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932 and 1936 and the introduction of the Civilian Works Administration (CWA), which was later replaced by the Public Works Administration (PWA). He details the construction of the Mayfield High School Annex, the Dublin School and the Graves County Courthouse Annex as government sponsored New Deal projects. He concludes the interview with a discussion on the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and their efforts to record burial locations of veterans, the writer's projects, improvement of public roads and community recreational activities in Graves County.

Biographical / Historical note: Lon Carter Barton was born on September 18, 1925 in Mayfield, Kentucky. He attended Murray State College (presently Murray State University) and began teaching at Mayfield in 1947. In 1951, he was drafted into the Army and stationed at Indian Gap, Pennsylvania before being shipped to Korea. He was discharged in 1953 and returned to teaching before campaigning for the State legislature in 1957. He served as a State Representative in the Kentucky Legislature from 1958 until 1966. He returned to teaching in Mayfield the following year. He died at his home in Mayfield on March 28, 2006.

General information: No user access to original recordings. Use audio user copies, digital derivatives, transcripts, and/or tape indexes. This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). Permission for reproduction must be requested from Murray State University.

Subject Headings / Descriptors:

Barton, Lon Carter, 1925-2006

Kentucky – Politics and government

Legislators – Kentucky.

Graves County (Ky.) – Politics and government.

Mayfield (Ky.)