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Digital Humanities: Text Analysis

This guide provides resources for faculty and students working on digital humanities research involving text analysis/text mining.

Uploading your Corpus

Navigate to

You have the following options to upload your text(s) to Voyant:

  • Paste full text
  • Paste URLs
  • Upload file(s)

See Preparing your Sources for information on cleaning the text and creating a corpus.

Click "Reveal" to upload your text for analysis.

Adding Stopwords

What is a stopword?

A stopword list contains a set of words that should be excluded from the results of a tool. Typically stopword lists contain so-called function words that don't carry as much meaning, such as determiners and prepositions (the, a, in, to, from, etc.). Fortunately, Voyant automatically applies an extensive stopword list, however, it can be edited. 

To view/edit the stopword list, first select the options icon found in any tool box.

Click "edit list" to see the stopword list, which you can add to. Check the box "apply globally" if you want any changes to the stoplist to take effect in every tool box.