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Interlibrary Loan

Access Services manages interlibrary loan services for Murray State University faculty, staff and students.

Policy for Overdue Ill Materials

As prescribed under §§ 4.10 and 4.12 of the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States (RUSA, 2016), it is the responsibility of the requesting libraries to:

“Honor the due date… defined as the date by which the material is due to be checked in at the requesting library for return to the supplying library” and also to “pay promptly any service, replacement, or damage fees charged by the supplying library.”

To protect Murray State University Libraries’ interlibrary partnerships and to ensure compliance with the responsibilities above, the policy contained herein will dictate the actions to be taken by MSU University Libraries when borrowed materials have not been returned by their effective due date. Notifications regarding overdue materials will be sent via email to patrons’ university email accounts. All overdue materials may be subject to fines 3 weeks after their effective due date. The notification and fee schedule for overdue materials is outlined below. ***Renewals can be requested before the original due date through WorldShare or by emailing your request to*** These policies and the notification and fee schedule pertain to both our patrons and borrowing institutions.

Notification & Fee Schedule for Overdue Items

  • 3 Days Overdue: Overdue reminder sent via email
  • 7 Days Overdue: First overdue notice sent via email
  • 14 Days Overdue: Second overdue notice sent via email. Any items that have been received for the patron via ILL will be held, no new requests from the patron will be processed.
  • 21 Days Overdue: Third overdue notice sent via email. The patron will be blocked from using ILL, and their access will not be restored until the item is returned or until a fee is assessed via the Bursar’s office (See Below). A tentative fine of $75 will also be placed on the user’s university account, and a full invoice will be requested from the lending institution. The patron will have one week (5 business days) to return the item in order to have the fine removed. If the item has not been returned within one week the $75.00 charge becomes final. 

Upon Receiving the Official Invoice

  • Invoices for $75.00 or less: if the leniency period has passed, the invoice will proceed directly to the libraries’ accounting and acquisitions staff for appropriate reimbursement or replacement. Notification will be sent to the patron alerting them that the $75.00 overdue/lost item fee has been finalized.

  • Invoices exceeding $75.00: an email will be sent to the patron notifying them of the full invoice amount. Patrons will then be given one week (5 business days) to return the item before the difference is added to their account. If the loaned material is not returned within 5 business days, the $75.00 fine will be updated to the full invoice amount and all charges will become final.