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eBooks @ MSU

This guide is designed to give users information about accessing and downloading e-books provided by University Libraries.

Downloading to Portable Devices

Be Prepared

Once an an eBook has been downloaded to a computer for reading in “Offline” mode via Adobe Digital Editions, it can be transferred to a portable eReader device provided the following criteria are met:

  1. The user's portable eReader must supports EBSCO eBooks.  A list of supported devices is available at:

  2. The user has a valid Adobe ID. This may be created for free at:

Transfer an eBook to a Mobile Device

  1. Open your downloaded eBook in Adobe Digital Editions. If you have not authorized Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID on this computer, you will need to complete that step first. You will be prompted to enter your Adobe ID and Password the first time you try to open an EBSCO eBook with Digital Editions on your computer.

  2. Connect your portable device to your computer with a USB cable.

  3. Turn on the eReader. If the reader offers an option to Recharge or Connect to the computer, choose the “Connect” option.

  4. Open Adobe Digital Editions – it automatically detects the presence of your device and offers to authorize it with your Adobe ID.

    Just as the Adobe Digital Editions software must be authorized with your Adobe ID, the portable device must also be authorized to be able to transfer protected content to and from the device.

  5. Click Authorize Device in the resulting window.

    Authorize Device Window

  6. Click Finished after your device is authorized.

    Device is authorized window

  7. After authorization, the device appears as a new bookshelf in your library. Transfer items to and from the device bookshelf by clicking on the book title, then dragging and dropping the title into the device bookshelf.

    Note: Do not disconnect the device while you are in the process of transferring a title to the device.

    Adobe Digital Editions screen