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Governor's Scholars Program - 2023

This guide describes library services available to students and faculty of the Governor's Scholars Program.

Each GSP faculty member has a page full with relevant databases and LCC call number ranges. Use the navigation bar or the table below to find resources for your class.

GSP Faculty Member Focus Area Course General Studies Course
Iin Handayani Agribusiness & Biotechnology Food and Culture Around the World
Emery Ginger Architectural Design

Anatomy of Buildings

Rico Tyler & Travis Oliver Astronomy Wicked Problems
Ekambaram Elumalai Biological & Environmental Issues A Travel to South Asian Society
David Asher Business, Accounting & Entrepreneurship COVID: Conversations with Present, Past and Future
Emmanual Fasipe Communication & Social Theory

Venture Into the Realms

Megan Sampson Creative Writing & Literary Studies Metamorphosis
Anne Justice Cultural Anthropology Oh My Goodness!
Brenna Sherrill Film Studies Breathe in, Breathe Deep, Breathe Through, Breathe Out
Abdul Yarali Forensic Science Principles and Values in Life and Work
Sashi Papu John Healthcare Industry Animal Behavior
Aris Cedeno Historical Analysis  
Lauren Hines International Relations Commonwealth Crossroads
John Clayton Japanese Language and Culture The Moral Calculus
Bella Ezumah Journalism & Mass Media How Thick Is Your Cortex? Want to Find Out? Let's Zen
Tana Field-Bartholomew Music Theory and Performance Roots
Sara Beach Philosophy Media, Mindfulness, & The Digital Era
Dalton York Political & Legal Issues The Price is Rite
Jodi Treadway Psychology & Behavioral Studies Unreal
Matthew Woodard   Happy Birthday, George