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Resources for history coursework and research.

Introduction to Translated Primary Sources

When studying topics related to non-English-speaking regions or distant time periods, it is important to recognize that original primary sources texts will most likely be in languages other than English. When researching such topics, it is important to consider whether or not the sources you need actually exist (e.g. a 1500s Japanese newspaper written in English). Fortunately, there are various repositories which contain translated primary source material. On this page is a sampling of online repositories of translated materials. 

Remember, just as you would any other source, it is important to evaluate the credibility of the translation. Look for information regarding the translator, publisher, and the hosting site to ensure you are engaging with accurate materials.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is an ongoing endeavor by Fordham University. This project features a collection of public domain and translated historical texts presented for educational use.  The collection features three main sourcebooks organized by era, and various subsidiary sourcebooks organized by theme. Subsidiary sourcebooks contain texts and links included in the three main sourcebooks. Sources included in the sourcebooks may be hosted on the Fordham site, or another institution's site.

Subsidiary Sourcebooks

Other Open Repositories for Translated Primary Sources

This list will be updated periodically.