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Resources for history coursework and research.


There are many historical digital collections and archives across the internet. This page includes collections and archives deemed useful to students studying history at Murray State University, thus will be periodically updated with additional resources.

If you need assistance locating a digital collection on a specific topic, feel free to contact your liaison librarian.

These sites and collections primarily contain primary sources. For general history websites see the Websites tab. For online encyclopedias see the Books tab.

Digital Public Library of America

Tips for using DPLA
  • There is a Browse by Topic feature, though currently only features a limited selection of topics
  • If you have an idea of what you are looking for and what geographical location it is tied to, try Browse by Partner and select the appropriate state or regional institution 
  • Browse Primary Source Sets to view pre-selected sets of primary sources

Digital Collections

This list is a work in progress and will be expanded.

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) Series

The FRUS Series presents a documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. The series is primarily organized by presidential administration. Note that not all materials are digitized, especially from the past ~60 years, due to the large amount of documents and work need to digitize them.