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HIS 481/681 Revolutionary Mexico 1810 - Present

Resources useful for students in HIS 481/681 or studying Revolutionary Mexico.

Welcome to the HIS 481/681 Course Guide!

This is a course guide created for students studying Revolutionary Mexico in HIS 481/681. Students will be able to browse academic journals, newspaper repositories, primary source digital collections, and a variety of relevant websites. This is not an exhaustive list of resources, but should point students and researchers in the right direction for sources. This guide will be updated periodically. 

Background and General Reference

HIS 481/681 Course Description:

This course examines the transformational Mexican Revolution of 1910, including its precedents and aftermath. The course is divided into four chronological units and begins by examining the early 19th century precursors to the revolution. The second unit examines the decade long revolutionary war, which began in 1910, and also examines the first few revolutionary administrations that attempted in fits and starts to realize some of the promises made by original revolutionary leaders. The third unit looks at the realignment of political orientations in the context of the global Cold War. The fourth and final unit takes a look at the resurgence of revolutionary guerillas, in both the 1960s and 1990s, who challenged the rhetoric of an institutionalized one-party system. This course includes both primary and secondary source readings, as well as a larger research project tailored to student interests.

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