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Racer Oral Communication Center

Assists students with development and presentation of oral communication projects and tackling communication apprehension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Communication Center?

The Communication Center is available for all faculty, staff and students of Murray State University.

What services do you provide?

From brainstorming a topic, research, topic development to feedback on the completed presentation, our consultants assist with all aspects of the presentation process. The center is also able to video presentations.

How can I encourage students to use the Communication Center?

  • Make your students aware of the services that are provided by the Communication Center during class and encourage them to make an appointment. We provide the ease of online scheduling.
  • You can also request a short presentation for your class about the Communication Center.
  • You can also include a short description of the Communication Center in your syllabus or in your Canvas course:

"The Racer Oral Communication Center offers free, one-on-one help with all aspects of the presentation process. We can provide assistance with topic selection, outlining, delivery, visual aids, and can video record your presentation. To make an appointment, please call 809-3458 or visit our website ( to schedule through our online calendar. To best make use of your time at the Center, please bring a copy of your assignment with you to your appointment."

When can I schedule a time for my class to come to the Center? ‚Äč

The Center can be booked from January 21st until May 2nd, to schedule an appointment or find out about available appointments for a specific time please call us at 270-809-3458. 

How do I schedule a workshop or presentation for my class?

Contact the Center at 270-809-3458 or at After contacting the Center to schedule the appointment a form will be emailed to you to obtain the specific information regarding the request. After the form is completed the appointment will be made by the Director Regina Hudspeth or the Directing Consultant.  

Can I require a student to use the Communication Center services?

Yes, you can require a student to make an appointment for assistance. However, we ask you to encourage ALL of your students to come to the Communication Center for assistance with their presentations. Even the best speakers can improve their skills with feedback on their presentation! 

Can I send my whole class over to the Communication Center?

We welcome a class visit. We will give the class a "tour" of our Center and discuss the services that we can provide. Please realize that we can not video a whole class in one session. If you need your student's presentations recorded, the students need to make an individual appointment and bring a jump drive to the appointment. 

Can I have a student video a presentation and bring a copy to me?

Yes, we have the ability to record a student's presentation, demonstration, role-play or other form of presentation. The student can save the video to a jump drive or disk and bring that to the professor.   

How long are the appointments for students?

The appointments are for 45 minutes and start at the beginning of the hour. 

Do you provide assistance for group assignments?

Yes, we are able to help with group presentations. Because of the complexity of group work, we encourage students to set up an appointment as soon as the project is assigned. Group projects typically require several appointments to the Center to see the best results. The group members can make additional appointments before leaving the Center. 

Do the Communication Center consultants ever discuss grades with students?

No, a presentation grade is completely dependent upon the student's performance in the classroom, our consultants never discuss grades with the student. Consultants will discuss ways to improve performance but will not discuss classroom evaluation or a grade with the student.  

My students need help in specific areas, do you provide workshops on areas like PowerPoint or managing their anxiety?

Yes! Throughout the semester, we provide topic specific workshops specifically tailored to the main issues of public speaking such as managing anxiety, developing a topic, using presentation aids, and developing powerful delivery. The workshops are held in the Center and can be booked by contacting the Center at (270) 809-3458 or at Once you contact the Center a form will be emailed to you to obtain the specific information regarding the request. After completion of the form the appointment will be booked and you will receive a conformation email. The workshops are held in the Communication Center unless otherwise specified on the booking form generally, we have room for 14 to 15 students per workshop.