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Using Library eBooks as Course Textbooks

Information on how to request and use eBooks as textbooks


We are excited to partner with you to provide your students access to an eBook that will hopefully help reduce their out-of-pocket costs and improve their opportunities to succeed!  

Adopting a Library eBook as Textbook

Once you have found an library-owned eBook you would like adopt as a texbook for your class, there are a couple of steps you need to go through to make sure everything is in order. 

  1. Contact Cris Ferguson, Dean of Libraries, about the eBook title you would like to adopt for your course. Make sure to include the title of the book, the publisher, the year of publication, and edition information. 
  2. At this point, we recommend you read the next tab so that you understand the University Libraries limitations when it comes to acquiring eBooks.
  3. Once we receive your request, the Acquisitions staff in the Libraries will investigate eBook options for the title, and work with you to identify the best possible access solution for your course needs. (Please note that purchase of eBook content frequently requires the completion of a license agreement and other additional paperwork, which extends the time it takes to acquire the eBook. The sooner you can submit your textbook request, the better.)  
  4. As soon as the eBook has been acquired and access has been confirmed, the Libraries will contact you with a persistent URL you can embed in Canvas.  
  5. Once you have received confirmation from the Libraries that the eBook has been acquired, you still need to submit a textbook adoption form to the University Bookstore. On the textbook adoption form you should indicate that that the textbook you are using is available free of cost to students through the Libraries. The bookstore will not actually stock any copies on its shelves, but they will put up a shelf tag for the book and advertise the free program to the students. This also ensures that the bookstore is compliant with regulations regarding posting required course materials on the bookstore website.