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University Libraries Makerspace

Guide to Makerspace Equipment and Policies

Something For Every Project

The University Libraries Makerspace provides access to a variety of high quality equipment and tools for nearly any project. Whether you're an artist, a engineer, or just a DIY enthusiast, the Makerspace has something for you. The Makerspace is a recent addition to University Libraries, and new equipment is frequently added. If there is something missing you'd like to see be sure to let us know!

Equipment Policies

  • Equipment can only run during the hours in which the Makerspace is open
  • Projects such as 3D prints must be finished or paused before the Makerspace closes
  • All checked-out equipment must be used within the Makerspace and returned prior to closing.

Equipment Gallery

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Qidi X Max 3D FDM Printer

Qidi X-Max 3D Printer

Qidi X-Plus 3D FDM Printer

Elegoo Mars Resin Printer

Elegoo Mars 3D Resin Printer

Laser Cutter

BossLS2436 Laser Cutter

Whisper Room

Sound Isolation Booth

Tascam Recorder

Tascam Sound Recorder


Re20 Microphone

Latex Printer

HP Latex 115

Digital Camera

Canon EOS80d

Sewing Machine

Janome Sewist

Arduino Kits

A Mega2560 Arduino kit for beginner electronic hobbyists. Included circuitry and programmable logic board can be used for hundreds of unique projects. Included kit pieces pictured below. Several complete soldering kits are also included for modifying circuits and other electronics. 

Oculus VR Headsets

A total of 3 virtual reality headsets, including 2 tethered Oculus rift S, and one untethered oculus quest 2. The headsets can be used to explore new environments, create visual art in 3D space, or play hundreds of virtual reality video games. 

3D Scanner

A table top 3D scanner for quick model creation and reverse engineering projects. The Einscan-SP uses a rotating platform to quickly scan items up to 47" x 47" x 47", and create a 3D mesh based model in software. The scanner comes bundled with EXScan software for interacting with the scanner and patching completed models.