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University Libraries Makerspace

Guide to Makerspace Equipment and Policies

Sound Equipment

Equipment  Description Image
Whisper Room Noise Isolation Booth Outstanding sound isolation prevents background noise from popping up in recordings.  Whisper room
RE20 Broadcaster Microphone Industry-standard broadcaster microphone, with exceptional clarity and frequency response. Located in the Whisper Room. 
Tascam DR-60D MK2 Capture up to 4 tracks at once with a maximum sample rate of 96khz. (double the quality of a CD). Must be checked out. 
Zoom H2N Handheld Recorder Ideal for portable, high-quality audio capture.
Cloudlifter CL2 Mic Activator Provides up to 25dB of clean gain while improving the signal-to-noise ratio of recordings. 


Camera Equipment

Equipment Description
Canon EOS 80D Prosumer action capable camera, supports 1080p/60fps video and 24.2 Megapixel photo quality
Green Screen Green screen with a mobile support system.
Lighting 2 Neewer lights with adjustable temperature and intensity.