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Public Speaking Anxiety Management

Are you looking for help with managing your public speaking anxiety? If so, then you've come to the right place!

Academic Reading

Bodie, G.  (2010). A Racing Heart, Rattling Knees, and Ruminative Thoughts: Defining, Explaining, and Treating Public Speaking Anxiety, Communication Education, 59(1), 70-105.

Bodie's research study provides a pretty thorough review of public speaking anxiety.  You can access the article by going to the MSU library web page and entering your MSU ID and password: Click Here

What Happens to Our Brains When We Have Stage Fright?

​​Mikael Cho, creator of the Ted-Ed video posted above, provides more information about public speaking anxiety and how preparation can significantly reduce it.  To read, click here.


Public Speaking Anxiety - a Type of Stage Fright

This entertaining Ted-Ed video explains public speaking anxiety (stage fright) from an evolutionary standpoint. (4:07) 

Joe Kowan: How I Beat Stage Fright

Joe Kowan, a comedian/singer, explains his own battle with stage fright and shares what worked for him.