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Library of Congress Call Numbers for Education

Circulating Books (books you can check out) are located downstairs.

Once you are downstairs, you will notice that the room is divided into two sections:  the blue side and the yellow side.

The Education section is in the blue side.


Call Numbers for Education Resources:

L= Education (General)

LA= History of Education

LB= Theory and Practice of Education

LC= Special Aspects of Education

LD= Individual Institutions - United States

LE= Individual Institutions - America (except United States)

LF= Individual Institutions - Europe

LG= Individual Institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Autrailia, New Zeland, Pacific Islands

LH= College and School Magazinesa and Papers


Occasionally, materials for education are located within the subject disciplines (English/Language Arts or Mathematics)

Call Numbers for Common Subject Disciplines:

D/E/F/G/H= History, Geography, and Social Sciences

M= Music

N= Fine Arts

P= Language and Literture

Q= Science/Mathematics


Note:  Children's Books are on the yellow side of the room under the call numbers starting with PZ5-PZ90.