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Faculty Development: Meet our Team

Source for your MSU Faculty Development Needs

Firm Faith Watson, Director of Faculty Development Center

Dr. Firm Faith Watson currently serves as the Director of the Faculty Development Center at Murray State University. In this capacity, she organized various faculty development initiatives including the New Faculty Orientation, Online Course Design Institute, Virtual Course Design Challenge,  Blitz Week, and Fall Faculty Summit. Dr. Watson is also host of the freely available This Works for Me Virtual Summit.

Camme Cain, Program Development Assistant

Camme Cain has enjoyed being with Murray State University for 17 yrs. She started her on campus career at Public Safety in 2006 as an Administrative Assistant for 4.5 years. She then stepped up to work for CTLT, now known as the Academic Applications Solutions Dept. for 4.5 years. During her time there, the Provost office created a standalone Faculty Development Center, and she along with two other employees staffed the new FDC where she has worked for the last 8 years as the Program Development Assistant for the department. Should you need anything, do not hesitate to contact Camme as she knows a great deal about our campus and our Faculty/Staff.