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Faculty Development: Fellows Articles

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Articles by Faculty Teaching Fellows

Dr. Melony Shemberger
Associate Professor of Mass Communication
Teaching College Students Professionalism in the Classroom


Dr. Brian Bourke
Professor of Postsecondary Education Administration
Fostering Community in Online Courses


Dr. Kelly Rogers
Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education
Experience Has Taught Us A Lot


Dr. David Fender
Professor of Occupational Safety and Health (retired)
Structured Discussions


Dr. Terry Derting
Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
Increasing Learning During Assessment


Dr. Lin Handayani
Professor of Agronomy
A Little Fun in the Classroom


Dr. Meagan Musselman
Associate Professor of Education (2008-2017)
Choice by Design


Dr. Latricia Trites
Professor of English (TESOL)
Using Google Docs to Communicate with Students


Dr. Carrie Jerrell
Associate Professor of English (Creative Writing)
Raise Your Hand If You're Sure: A Portrait Approach for Class Participation


Dr. Ajay Das
Assistant Professor of Education (2011-2016)
Utilizing Universal Design for Learning to Meet the Needs of Students with Disabilities