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Special Collections and University Archives

RG001: Office of the Provost
RG002: Department of Journalism & Mass Communications
RG003: Office of the President
RG004: University Communications
RG005: Board of Regents
RG006: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
RG007: Murray State News
RG008: Association of College & Secondary Schools of the Southern States
RG009: Student Organizations
RG010: Student Services
RG011: Telecommunications
RG012: Campus Life
RG013: Vice President of Academic Affairs
RG014: Music Department
RG015: Registrar's Office
RG016: Library Services
RG017: Naval Flight Training School
RG018: Academic Affairs
RG019: Alumni Office
RG020: Athletics Department
RG021: Student Scrapbooks
RG022: Faculty Senate
RG023: Wrather West Kentucky Museum
RG024: Staff Congress
RG025: Student Alumni Association
RG026: Publications and Printing Office
RG027: English Department
RG028: Accounting and Financial Services
RG029: College of Education
RG030: Facilities Management
RG031: WKMS FM Radio
RG032: Office of Equal Opportunity
RG033: Human Resources
RG034: Public Relations
RG035: Murray State Training School
RG036: Theatre Department
RG037: Police Department
RG038: Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department
RG039: Department of Military Science
RG040: Student Support Services
RG041: Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services
RG042: Home Economics Department
RG043: Murray State University Foundation
RG044: College of Business and Public Affairs
RG045: Institutional Research Office
RG046: Breathitt Veterinary Center
RG047: Community Contributions
RG048: Boy Scout Museum
RG050: Regional Stewardship and Outreach
RG051: Department of Art and Design
RG052: TRiO Student Support Services